What is the difference between HVAC and air conditioning

Many times, you must have heard the term HVAC used instead for an air conditioner. But what is the difference between HVAC and air conditioning? HVAC holds a more significant advantage than an air conditioner, and it refers to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. On the other hand, AC only refers to air conditioning. To procure this facility, you can get the ac installation in Palatine done from uicchicagoland.com at your office, residence, or any other respective place. Thus, the scope of HVAC is considered to be wider than an air conditioner. It circumscribes all the features of an AC and has its own additional attributes as well.

What is the difference between HVAC and AC?

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An AC or air conditioner is used to cool the air in your houses. On the other hand, an HVAC is used for heating as well as cooling. It has two units, heat pumps, and furnaces, and the prominent air conditioning units. HVAC also incorporates the various ventilation and ductwork features. Many companies also use the terms HVAC and AC interchangeably because their products can cool as well as heat the place.

HVAC vs. Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning

Everyone is familiar with air conditioners or AC. These are the devices which act as an aid in helping our houses stay cool. There are two kinds of air conditioners, and these are none other than the window types and central AC. Central ACs are more powerful than the window units because they can cool the entire house. The window units have the ability to cool down the single rooms. The facility of air conditioning is available in AC as well as in HVAC. You can surely experience the top-notch procedure of AC installation in Palatine to procure this facility.


Since HVAC is meant to heat and cool the places simultaneously, it has furnaces, and heat pumps along with the air conditioners to perform the required tasks. Furnaces use natural gas to heat the places. They are installed in less used places like the basements and other storerooms. Apart from that, these also burn fuel to create heat energy and are used in the areas where the climate is colder.


The best attribute of the heat pumps is that they provide both heating and cooling facilities. They are used in the HVAC system that comes inclusive of central heating. There are further two varieties in these units, and they are the packaged and split units. A packaged heat unit is a single unit that is installed outside the rooms. Whereas when it comes to the split system, the evaporator coil can be placed inside the rooms, and the rest of the unit is notably placed outside.