The Wishbone Dining Chair is one of those classic pieces that can match well with any other style of furniture or interior design. However, if you want to elevate the style, ambiance, and overall visuals of your home with more knowledgeable flair, then further we’ve shared a list of types of dining tables that you can pair your Wishbone Dining Chair with. Let’s take a look:

  1. Mainstream Light Wood Types


Dining tables with lighter wood finishes are a naturally more complementary combination with the Wishbone Dining Chair. They can be large, small, or medium sized – whatever suits your space. But you also have to make sure that the Wishbone Dining Chairs you match with them are similarly light hued – white paint or sanded oak and beech would be the perfect choice. The understated elegance and drama-free aesthetic of this combo will make your space feel as chic as ever.

  1. Dramatic elliptical shape


If you want to emulate some drama in your dining space, then you can choose a dining table that gives an edge with its shape. For example, elliptical table tops are pretty eye-catching when it comes to dining tables. You can match it with Wishbone Dining Chairs that feature dark finishes. You can even ramp it up with some dull paint. Hunter green or burgundy finished Hans Werner Wishbone Dining Chairs would look especially charming in this particular dining room aesthetic.

  1. Light & Minimalist


A minimalist dining table with the lightest finish would also complement the Wishbone Dining Chair perfectly. Once again, the standard light sanded finish of the chair is a great choice. Darker colors will only take away from the overall elegance of this match-up. This combination is definitely easy on the eyes and would look pretty great in modern, Scandinavian, and minimalist style interior designs.

  1. A Live-Edge Dining Table


Live-edge dining tables exude drama, elegance, and a rustic charm. They’re the most stylish and trendy ones of the bunch. A live-edge dining table would contrast stunningly with Wishbone Dining Chairs. You can even ramp up the contrast by selecting the chairs in a finish that is either three shades lighter or darker than the table surface so that both can play off each other to suitably elevate your dining room interiors. It’s definitely an up-to-date choice for most contemporary homes.

  1. Contemporary Trestle Style Table


If you want to emulate a subtle contemporary appeal in your dining room interiors, then you can match your Wishbone Dining Chairs with a classy trestle style dining table. They’re very chic, light-weight, casually appealing, and refined. You can evoke some contrast in such a pairing by selecting chairs in a darker finish. That will certainly elevate the drama and overall visual appeal of the whole space.

These are some dining table styles that would look pretty great with the Wishbone Dining Chair. All of them are unique and offer new aesthetics to explore. We hope you can find the one that suits you best.