Afghan rugs are considered as one of the most versatile and traditional type of floor covering that is widely used at homes and offices. In order to decorate interiors, Afghan rugs add the real beauty and charm because of bright colors and their hand weaved look. According to the rich culture of Afghanistan, many types of rugs are manufactured there and all of them have a great demand. Now Afghan rugs are manufactured in many parts of the world due to the increasing trend of placing rugs that represents some rich tradition. These rugs are widely available at most of the rug’s shops in round, square, or oval shape and if you want to have some unique shape and size then you can customize Afghan rugs as per requirement. 

Most famous types of Afghan Rugs

The following are the most famous and popular types or designs of Afghan rugs that truly represent the cultural heritage of great ancient times.

  • Daulatabad Rugs

Daulatbad is a village in northern Afghanistan and the rugs manufactured there are named Daulatabad rugs. The main attraction of these types of Afghan rugs is that they are designed in octagonal shape and are presented with traditional red backgrounds. For the manufacturing of these rugs, original wool is always used due to its durability and color fastness. 

  • Shindand or Adraskand Rugs 

This is another main attraction of Afghan rugs and this culture is derived from the North-West of Afghanistan. Shindand or Adraskand is the most sensational and versatile representatives of Afghan rugs that carry beautiful geometrical patterns with bright blue and red colors. High- quality of wool is always used in the manufacturing of these types of rugs that becomes the foal attention of every eye.

  • The Baluchi rugs 

These rugs are not famous for the decoration purpose, but they are well-known for their portable sizes. Muslims all over the world keep the prayer rugs at their homes for offering prayer and the beautiful Baluchi rugs are widely used for this. These rugs are light in weight and can be folded or placed on the floor easily whenever required. These rugs are also constructed from high- quality of wool with the use of red, blue, and brown colors.

  • The Mauri Rugs

This is unique type of Afghan rugs that are manufactured through silk thread in multiple shades instead of typical wool. The use of silk made Mauri rugs are the most luxurious and elegant flooring solution.

Since Afghan culture has been very popular all over the world and therefore, the typical designs of rugs are taken as an ancient tradition.