For the protection of gutters of your home, installing a gutter guard is must because it will prevent your gutter from water damage, ice dams, clogging, rust and corrosion. These all gutter guard features will prevent the damage of foundation of your home. But when you’re planning to install a gutter guard with the help of Gutter Guard Company Huntsville AL or by yourself then you have to avoid some installation mistakes which people generally make and think later on when they face problem. 

Avoid damaging the gutters 

During the installation of gutter covers, one can easily damage the gutter by putting wrong size covers, allowing wood rot and corrosion. If your gutter will be damaged like this then the gutter guards will not be totally useful. When you buy a gutter guard it will look very simple to install but you should know the right technique for it. 

Putting Nail on the Roof 

If you put holes on your roof then water, debris and small insects can easily enter into your home so nailing onto the roof is never a good idea. Before installing the gutter guard, it is very important for you to read the instructions clearly on how to attach the guard. Most of the gutter guards are attached with the help of special fasteners but people avoid these things and simply start nailing onto the roof. 

Don’t forget the downspouts 

When you are covering the gutter with the guard then make sure that you also cover the downspouts because people cover the horizontal surroundings very well and forget about it. They don’t think that downspouts can easily get blocked with dirt and debris.  If you cover the downspouts properly then it will keep your drainage system efficient allowing the rain water to flow away from the house smoothly.