What to Do Before and After Pest Control Treatment – The Urban Guide

No one likes pests, like flies, cockroaches, rats, etc. in their home, but it is not easy to get rid of them. And all these can create big trouble for you in your home. Be it damaging the wooden furniture, tearing off the clothes and important papers these pests can damage many things. So, the only option to get rid of them is home pest control services.

Hire a good home pest control service provider for best results. Generally, these include protection against termites, bugs, and cockroaches. Along with hiring a good service provider you also need to do certain preparations, so that the professionals can do their job. Let’s look at some of these.

Arrange the furniture

The major job to do is to arrange the furniture in a way that all corners of the home are accessible. It is important to clean the corners as most pests accumulate there only. The better the cleaning of the corners the lesser the chances of more pests developing. Some furniture, especially the wooden ones should also be sprayed for keeping them safe from termites.

Along with furniture, take care of the furnishings. Bedsheets, cushions, covers. Pillows etc. should be stored away from the pesticide spray.

Pack up clothes and toys

It is important to pack all the clothes and kid’s toys properly in plastic. It is important to do so because the chemicals being sprayed should not be directly touched or consumed. And kids are best at putting everything in their mount, so better to pack their toys properly. You can also store them in a cabinet that does not need pest control, but then remember to seal the doors.

Prepare your kitchen

The most important area which needs to be prepared for pest control in the kitchen. As all the utensils and food items are kept there. Try to remove all the electrical appliances from the kitchen, if some can’t be removed try to pack them properly. Utensils should be stored in such a place where they don’t come in contact with the spray. The kitchen slab should be clear for the professionals to spray over it.

Take care of pets

The way you do pest control in your home, your pets also need care. Take them to the vet for tick treatment, and they are very sensitive to pest control chemicals so keep them away from it. You can keep them at your neighbor’s place for some time.

The same goes for other pets also like fish. Try to cover up the aquariums and seal them, but remember to put excess food till the pest control is complete.

Doing pest control in your home does not end with finding a great cleaning service provider. Rather you are also supposed to do some preparations for them. And if you want the best result, you should make arrangements in your home in such a way that most of the area is sprayed. This will ensure that your home is now protected against any type of pest.